Birthday Bash - 3.7.2020

Reboot Wellness Cruise - 1.18.2020 - 1.20.2020

Attendees enjoyed a moderated panel & education on the benefits of organic products.

TedxUSFSM Mission Neem 5 - 11.7.2019

SOFA Women's Empowerment Event - 11.2.2019

4. 34. 48. 130. In a world where women continue to fight for equality, we are “Still Counting” the moments and milestones that make up a movement. Emily Mackie, founder of Chicago’s Inspired Interiors design firm, gathered 21 female artists to create personal, powerful works provoked by the number of years it has taken to receive equal rights in a list of categories essential to living in true gender equity (think everything from Supreme Court appointments and Presidential nominations to the right to economic identity). These thought-provoking pieces will be auctioned off via mobile device during the SOFA exhibition, with 50 percent of proceeds benefiting a women’s rights organization. Mission Neem 5 is proud to be one of these organizations.

Salesforce MN5 Awareness Event - 10.24.2019

Dream Large Weekend Event - 10.11.2019 - 10.13.2019

MN5 was chosen as a finalist winning  a monetary award for the organization and the mission!

Misson Neem 5 Launch Party 7.31.19

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